Shakin' It Up Dance and Fitness Center

  When I was a little girl I was captivated by the movement, the music and the passion that goes into every step of dance.  When it comes to dancing and fitness I am all ears and always eager to excel.  In 2008, after graduating from Arcadia University I joined a dance studio to learn the different Ballroom and Latin dances.  While employed there I had the pleasure of instructing others the lovely art of dance.  In 2010 I decided to enter an entirely different world of plus dance.  Fascinated by my then Zumba® instructor, Paula Flory I decided to become a one. I become a ZIN member and started instructing Zumba® classes at local facilities.  Today due to hard work, dedication and sticking to what I love I run and own my very own Shakin' It Up dance and Fitness Center, LLC.  My thoughts behind starting this?  I wanted a place where any fitness level could go and enjoy working out!  I remember going to facilities to workout and thinking to my self, "It shouldn't be this hard" or "it shouldn't be this boring!"  How did this life changing event happen?  I was running on a treadmill and heard music coming from a group fitness room.  I poked my head in and saw an instructor in front of the class smiling and dancing while the members behind her were working hard to follow her exact move but I still heard laugher and saw smiles.  I took a schedule before leaving the facility that day and came back for the next scheduled class.  I met the instructor, Paula Flory, she was so positive and assured me that I would have fun.  One hour later I left the room...yes my butt was kicked from a great workout but I was happy!  One hour of pure energy, dance and fun!  Who wouldn't want to workout like this!  From that point on I wanted everyone to experience what I had just experienced!  I have met a lot of great professionals along my journey, some of which are very good friend of mine to this day.  This is just the beginning. I love what I do every day and would not change any part of it!

I invite every age, every fitness level, and anyone who has had the slightest thought of getting healthily and in shape to come join my group!  You will not believe the workout you get and the fun you have achieving your fitness goals!  Lets take the next step together.  Remember I'm right along side of you!

-Laureen Nichole Culliton (Mikos)